Dornika Nik Sepehr constituted in 2018 aiming to provide nuts with best price and quality .
This company attempts to fulfill customers’ needs concentrating on organic products such as pistachio both qualitatively and quantitatively .
In 1390 the company started its operation on warm distribution in the country ; then from 1396 aimed on exporting products such as Pistachio, Fig, Date, Raisin and could compete with other rivals. Now the company exports to more than 15 countries in the world.
It’s our honor that has the most royal and satisfied customers throughout the world and constantly owns a stable and superb quality products among others.
Join us to get the high quality products and services.

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Phone : +98 21 88200800

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No. 21 , Kaman Alley , Alame Shahidi Street, Afrigha ,Tehran , IRAN