Why Arsha?

We are responsible in the society . That’s why we emphasize on suitable life style , job, and surviving natural sources during cultivation all around the world. It brings about that next generation could produce valuable foods and guaranty stable future for us and themselves as well.

Quality is dominant over our function With full supervision and cooperation along with suppliers from the beginning of the cycle on the quality of  product , transportation is quite supervised.

Human health is a priority. We try to provide healthy food for all the people in the society. Therefore we supervise  all the procedure from supply, production and distribution of dietary and agricultural products.

Transparency on commercial negotiation is our priority. Supplying goods, processing and transportation according to international standards are of great importance so, doing our commitments due to all the supply chain of distribution and sale we do our best to keep our cooperation long.

Our Services

Our Services

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Our Offices

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Major activity of Tehran offices is importing agricultural products from all over the world and selling these products to Iran’s market. in addition packing and exporting Iranian agricultural products are done in these offices.

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United Arab Emirate

This office is the business arm of offices and handles all trades in other words, the UAE company connects the East to the West.

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This office handles most of the group’s commercial communications and financial transactions.

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This office exports agricultural products of china to other countries like Iran, UAE, England, Canada, Iraq and Turkey.